Kinder chocolate: A German treat that can now be found in Sanford, FL

German and European children(of all ages) have been enjoying  Kinder Chocolates since the company was founded in 1967. Now Kinder is shipping their treats all over the world, including here in Sanford ! Their flagship chocolate (Kinder Chocolate) unique treat  with a creamy milky filling with a rich chocolate coating. In the 1990’s a new favorite, Kinder Bueno was added to the the kinder line of products. Kinder Bueno has layers of crispy wafers, milk chocolate and hazelnut, the perfect snack that will not get in the way of your next meal. Kinder chocolates are the perfect stocking stuffers and are great for gift baskets too! It you are looking for a new treat you need to give these a try.

Click Here to Order your Kinder chocolate for pick up at Magnolia Square Market

3 Cheese Chicken Noodle Gratin

Wednesday’s Lunch Special

Today’s Soups:

#1 Lentil with ham

#2 Southwest Chicken Chowder

Lunch Special

3 Cheese Chicken Noodle Gratin

Using mini lasagna pasta  from Magnolia Square Market, todays special is made with our hand trimmed chicken breast, with onions and green peas, mixed with Swiss, Cheddar and Parmesan cheese and topped with breadcrumbs and baked. Served with a green salad topped with haus dressing.