Our Bakery department has grown and changed with all the demands of the restaurant over the years. The bakery “department” started out as Linda Hollerbach working tirelessly to fine tune traditional recipes while also creating new ones that our guest would love. Over the years, we perfected those selections and trained dedicated staff members. Along the way, we also met many people who contributed to our recipe collection. Our talented staff not only makes all of our cakes, but they are responsible for making our Bauenbrot (Farmer’s Bread), Croissants, and Gluten-free selections. We are proud to serve these items in our restaurant as well as making them available at our market so that you can enjoy them at home. We also want you to be able to order items quickly and easily. So please check out our new online Store-Pick System.

You can now order our fresh cakes online CLICK HERE


24 hour notice needed and pick up available at our Magnolia Square Market