Pinot Noir with an Umlaut

Red Wine from Germany – is that a thing?

Last week, Theo showed me a newsletter and Christmas postcard he gets every year from the Selbach-Oster people, and told me something I didn’t know: most of us associate Germany with white wines, like the Selbach Mosel Riesling selection we carry, but red wine – Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) in particular – is on the rise in Germany. In fact, Deutschland is now the world’s third-largest producer of Pinot Noir, behind France (where it originated, of course) and the USA. Even our friends at Selbach mentioned in their newsletter that they’ve begun experimenting with Pinot Noir, though they haven’t bottled any yet.

Our Willow Tree bar carries three Rotweine imported from Germany:

  • Valckenberg Dornfelder (semi-sweet)
  • Starling Castle Red (semi-sweet)
  • Valckenberg Undone Pinot Noir undone.pinotnoir

– which you can also find at our Magnolia Square Market True German Deli, along with these additional varieties:

  • Affentaler Pinot Noir
  • AOC Schaffhausen Hallauer Spätlese Pinot Noir (Switzerland)
  • Wild Senses Red Wine
  • Grafen Repperg Lemberger



P.S. – For anyone interested, here’s a couple links with a little more background, written by people who know a lot more about wine than Garden Gnomes do:

Financial Times



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