The Adventures of Wurst Man


Inspired by Willow Tree Café guest and comic book legend George Perez, HTLC Publishing (a subsidiary of HTLC Ventures, the parent company of The Willow Tree Cafe, Magnolia Square Market and Hollerbach’s Art Haus) is excited to announce its first comic book,
The Adventures of Wurst Man.  
17555176_1371265582919142_1481170339_nTheodore Hollerbach, a mild-mannered restaurateur heads into his local German cafe, 17618873_1371265586252475_603180808_nlocated in the small town of Sandfort, just like he does every day. He comes upon his staff, who have found a mysterious box of sausages with strange markings. Theodore and his staff open the box – BANG – a cloud of smoke consumes the room. As the smoke dissipates, the staff realizes they have been given special abilities.

The Team now must learn to harness their new-found powers for good, all while dealing with the day to day challenges of running their café. Wurst Man takes on his enemies using the “3 Rules of Success”: Exceed Expectations, Create a Benefit, and Return a Profit. Wurst Man is joined by his “staff”: The Waitress, Alpine Maid, The Slicer, Mountain Man, Boot Boy and Chef Pat. This collection of heroes takes on villains including Dr. No-Call-No-Show, Juggerknockwurst and Power Outage. Join Wurst Man for a sausage fest like no other

The Adventures of Wurst Man, Issue #1, cover by Sydney Hummel, available only Saturday, April 1st 2017.

Praise for The Adventures of Wurst Man

“Finally, there is a comic book out there giving us a voice” – The Daily Sausage Magazine

“Faster than a speeding Line Cook, more powerful than a block of Hartzer Käse!, able to leap into your heart in a single bound. The Adventures of Wurstman is a must read.” – Made up publication

“ I could not understand the Story, but the pictures were great” – Illiteracy Today

“With all the punch of a true German mustard and the Herz of our local community, we are proud to have this wonderful comic book in our little town. Wurst Man is Wünderbar!” – Sanford365




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