German Immersion Night at the Willow Tree – second Tuesday of every month!

Pretzels for German Immersion Night at Hollerbach'sSprechen Sie Deutsch? Lots of people want to improve their German language skills but have no way to practice. At our monthly German Immersion Night, we provide a fun and festive environment for people who are learning German to socialize with other Germanophiles while enjoying German food and beverage (as you can see, that’s a lot of German going on!) This event is just perfect for brushing up on your greetings, ordering food and drinks, and learning new vocabulary from native speakers, including our staff!

German Immersion Night began in March and is held on the second Tuesday of every month. Join us for dinner, drinks, German chit-chat, and even an appearance by Orlando’s Schuhplattler Gruppe Alpenrose folk-dancing group.

Not sure if this night is for you? Everyone has different reasons for learning a new language, but if you fall into any of the following categories, you will love German Immersion Night:

  1. You’re taking a trip to Germany

    German Immersion Night at Hollerbach's

    Ah, lucky you! Germany is a beautiful country, and although most people there do speak English (and quite well!), the natives really appreciate it when visitors make an effort to speak their language. At Immersion Night, you can practice ordering in German and work on the pronunciation of different dishes and beers. Since many of our German-speaking staff will be working, you may even get some travel tips for the regions you plan to visit!

  2. You are in a German group or class

    German Immersion Night at Hollerbach's Did you know that German is the third most popular language students take in school, right behind Spanish and French? Take a break from your formal language course with a little casual speaking practice! The more you speak, the more fluent your German will become, especially as you learn new idioms and turns of phrase that make your speech more natural and less stiff. Our staff and other German pros can clue you into new phrases and maybe even some (age appropriate) slang!

  3. You just started dating a German

    German Immersion Night at Hollerbach's

    Is there a more noble reason to learn a language than love? Communicate with your Schatzi a little better by learning his or her native tongue! You can come to Immersion Night and pick up a few special phrases to impress your sweetheart, or bring him or her along so she can teach you herself while you enjoy a German date night. This is a great motivation to learn…just ask our server Troy!

  4. You ARE German and you want to help others

    German Immersion Night at Hollerbach's - Theo HollerbachMost German guests we’ve met love to help us with our German language skills, teaching our staff new vocabulary and phrases. If this sounds like you, we would love to hear your voice at Immersion Night! The more German speakers, the better. We know that sometimes after living in the US for years, you start to speak English more than your mother tongue, but you can reverse that trend when you join us for this event, all while challenging German students to up their game. You can tell stories about your region of Germany, talk about your favorite German dishes, or even tell some German jokes!

No matter your reason for joining us on German Immersion Night, we know you’ll have a great time! The more participants we have, the more educational and fun the experience will be for everyone. You can email us or reach out through social media for additional questions.

Please contact for parties of 6 people or more.


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