Guest Spotlight: Seven Years of Birthdays at Hollerbach’s

Birthday party at the Willow Tree

Birthday party at the Willow TreeThere’s tradition, and then there’s obsession, and for Hollerbach’s guest Tracy Polomski, the two go hand in hand each year as she celebrates her birthday at the Willow Tree Cafe, surrounded by her friends and favorite staff. Tracy has celebrated her birthday at Hollerbach’s every year since 2010, and this Saturday will be another one for the books.

“Every time we come to Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe we have so much fun,” she said of her devotion to this annual event. “The food is amazing, the drinks are HUGE and the atmosphere is absolutely the best!”

Ever the social butterfly, Tracy brings a troop of about 20 party-goers every year, and never takes any chances with her reservation, calling to secure her spot at least two months in advance. Her group has grown over the years from 12 guests to 20, as new children have been born and introduced to pretzels and polka. “Watching our kids dance and clap along to the music is one of my favorite things!” she said, noting that her favorite part of Jimmy and Eckhard’s act are the quirkier instruments, such as the drinking glasses, singing saw, and cowbells.

Tracy also has traditions when it comes to food. While she sometimes switches things up and treats herself to an Eisbein, Tracy is a loyal adherent to schnitzel with red cabbage and potato pancakes. “Once, I tried ordering red cabbage and sauerkraut and I was told ‘No’ by our waitress, Doris. She insisted I get something different, because ‘red cabbage and sauerkraut were too similar’ and I needed a completely different selection. I picked potato pancakes and from that day on, I have stuck to those two sides!”

Tracy enjoys Schnappsberry cheesecake as a birthday dessert– if she has any room!

Birthday party at the Willow Tree

Birthday party at the Willow TreeBirthday party at the Willow Tree

But it’s more than the food and music that make Hollerbach’s Tracy’s go-to birthday venue. “From my favorite waitress, Doris, to Hollerbach’s staple patron, Kathy, to watching Theo walking around the restaurant greeting everyone, you just get this feeling of family,” she said. “In my head I’m a Hollerbach… they just don’t know it yet!”

We love having you as part of our restaurant family, Tracy! Happy birthday, here’s to many more together. Prost!

Birthday party at the Willow Tree

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