Silvester Celebration: Auf Deutsch – German New Years Eve Celebration- Sanford, FL

Top 3 Reasons to Celebrate Silvester (aka German New Year’s) at Hollerbach’s

We know you have already made your plans for New Year’s Eve and you know exactly where you will be when the clock hits midnight…on Eastern Standard Time. But, what are you doing when Deutschland is counting down UTC style? From noon to 6:00pm the Hollerbach’s will be celebrating Silvester the best way we know how, and we hope these reasons make you want to join the party.

#1 Glühwein & Linsensuppe 

In Germany, Silvester starts out with Linensuppe (Lentil Soup). Each little gluhwein-hollerbachslentil represents traditional European Thaler coin and is supposed to usher in a year of good financial fortune. Chef Pat’s Lentil Soup is absolutely delicious and made with our Smoked Kassler bones to give it great flavor.

Your holiday get-together will not be complete unless you sip on some Glühwein, a warm, sweetened wine traditionally served at German Christmas markets. The perfect complement of winter spices makes Glühwein the ideal beverage choice for the season. These German favorites are a fantastic way to start out your New Year’s Eve festivities.

#2 Drink along with a British Short Film 

Guess what held the Guinness Record for the most frequently repeated television shodinner_for_one_s-859419623-largew in
history from 1988-1995. Did you guess Dinner for One? I hope so. Germans consider this British comedy sketch a must-watch tradition and typically broadcast it several times throughout the day on New Year’s Eve. The short film lasts only about 10 minutes and follows a dinner party held for a woman’s 90th birthday. Although it has nothing to do with New Year’s Eve, it has developed into a favorite where crowds watching will echo the catch-phrase “the same procedure as every year” and drink along with every toast. We will be airing this short throughout the day leading up to the…

#3 Countdown auf Deutsch

Arguably, the best thing about New Year’s is the countdown. So, why not do it twice in the same day? Once at 6:00pm with us and midnight wherever you’re party takes you. Count backward in German along with the crowds and see their infamous fireworks show streaming live on our TVs. Then, do an Ein Prosit with Jimmy and Eckhard before you head out to your final destination for the night.

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