9 Groceries (besides fresh meat and produce) to get at Magnolia Square Market – Sanford, FL

By Sumalee Eaton

Those of us who live in Downtown Sanford love our community, and many of us try never to leave! While we love this lifestyle, most downtowners agree that grocery shopping can pose an issue, as we do not have a one-stop-shop chain grocery store within walking distance. Luckily, the Magnolia Square Market offers a plethora of basic grocery items in addition to the imported European goods we specialize in, and will soon be expanding those offerings to better serve our surrounding Sanford community.

As Historic District residents, Theo and Linda Hollerbach recognize the difficulties of sourcing quality groceries in Downtown Sanford, and are pleased to announce that the Magnolia Square Market will soon carry staples such as eggs, milk, and a selection of produce. We hope to create the perfect opportunity for our neighbors to stop into the Market for groceries while taking a weekend bike ride or on their way back home from brunch.

While the changes commence, here is a list of groceries that are already available for purchase at our market.

1. House Roasted Meats

Did you know that we roast and cure our own cold cuts in-haus? Our selection of ziguener turkey, garlic pork, and roast beef are perfect for weekday work or school lunches. We take great pride in these meats, and we certainly don’t add any chemicals or preservatives, which means the cold cuts you buy from us are very fresh.

My Pick: Our famous roast beef, made from delicious top round and full of color ($9.99/lb) or our sinfully tasty Nueske’s bacon, sliced any way you like it and always at a great price at $11.99/lb.

 2. Cheese and Dairy

We carry a huge variety of cheeses, from sliced cheese for adding to sandwiches to delectable aged cheeses for pairing with wine and beer. We even carry spreadable German cheeses similar to Laughing Cow, as well as butter, including salted and infused. While you can currently pick up half-and-half for your coffee at the Market, soon you will also be able to purchase milk and cream as well.

My Pick: Merlot Bellavitand, a creamy cow’s milk cheese with a wine soaked rind ($5.99). I love having a nibble of this cheese with a little pate for an afternoon snack.

3. Bread

Each day, our bakers freshly make several different types of breads for purchase and for use in our deli sandwiches. We carry some excellent loaves for making sandwiches at home as well, whether sliced like our sourdough or used whole like our baguettes or crusty brotchen. Additionally, we carry gluten free bread, which is perfect for our guests with Celiac disease.

My Pick: The 3 Seed Loaf breads makes a week’s worth of super tasty sandwiches with great texture ($5.39). The pretzel rolls make a wonderful vehicle for grilled sausages! ($1.69ea)

4. Beer

The Germans love their beer, which means that we keep an excellent stock of quality brews available by the bottle, six-pack, and case. We carry a true range of styles, from crisp lagers and pilsners like Bitburger, to delicious malty wheat beers like Franziskaner Dunkel, to the popular grapefruit hefeweizen Schofferhofer. The next time you need beer to accompany dinner or to serve at a party, look no further! Our staff will be happy to help you find just the right beer for the occasion.

My Pick: Kapuziner Schwarz-Weizen is a dark, slightly creamy beer with a nice light body, great for when you crave a stout in summer ($3.79). And bonus (!), it comes in a reusable swing-top bottle, which is great for taking tea or kombucha to work with you after.

5. Wine

For the vino lovers, we have a fine selection of imported German wine at competitive prices. While it has a reputation for being sweet, did you know that Riesling can also be crisp and dry? Or that the Germans actually make some great pinot noirs? Give them a try! Like with our beer, our knowledgeable staff is always happy to make suggestions to help you make the right choice.

My Pick: I love to serve our guests at the Art Haus a little Black Forest Girl Baden Dry ($14.59) or Undone Pinot Noir ($11.99) to help their creativity flow!

6. Dried Pantry Items

The Market carries an incredible variety of sauces, soup mixes, bouillon, spices, pastas, all of which can be harnessed to enhance and add flavor to your menu. While the German labels may seem intimidating, pick up almost any item and you’ll find an English translation of the packaging on a sticker on the back, and our staff will happily help you decipher instructions and ingredients. Our sauce packets make quick and elegant side dishes, and combine any of our soup mixes with our Kassler bones (found in the deli case) for a rich, savory broth.

My Pick: Pfanni Kartoffel Knodel (or potato dumplings!) make a wonderful starch addition to a simple meal of meat and veggies ($6.09). Simply boil then in them in their tiny pouches and in 15 minutes you have beautiful little potato dumplings.

7. Tea and Coffee

No matter what you like to drink with your morning meal, Magnolia Square Market has a beverage for you! We have a huge variety of tea (including the Republic of Tea Ginger Peach tea you may have tried at Willow Tree Cafe) for anything that ails you. Whether you need something to soothe your throat or to give you a little afternoon pep in your step, we have a delicious tea to help, along with the right honey to accompany it. For the coffee lover in you, check out our selection of European roasts.

My Pick: I love the Republic of Tea! At the Art House, I drink energizing Earl Greyer in the morning (the name comes from the extra does of bergamot in the blend), sprightly Mango Ceylon after lunch, and the aromatic Vanilla Almond with cookies ($10.99ea).

8. Condiments

If you enjoy the sweet ground mustard or spicy Dijon that we serve in the restaurant, take some home with you! We proudly carry a full gamut of German mustard styles, as well as mayonnaise, curry ketchup, vinegar, and jellies. These pantry staples are excellent for mixing up a tasty vinaigrette or taking a sandwich to the next level.

My Pick: For those who love their greens, Kilhne Salata vinegar ($4.19). A little oil and a sprinkle of this delicately seasoned salad vinegar is perfect for a crispy, cold green salad.

9. Sweets

Don’t forget dessert! Did you know that the Market is where we make all of the fresh homemade desserts for the Willow Tree Cafe? That’s right, you can grab a fluffy piece of Black Forest Cake, decadent German Chocolate Cake, or delicious Bienenstich right out of our dessert case, or order a full cake for your special occasion from our bakers. Don’t forget that we also carry gluten-free sweets as well!

My Pick: After a full meal, you can’t beat our cake and rum balls ($.99ea or $.83ea when you buy three or more). They are just one or two bites of pure bliss, just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth! Get a variety pack of 6 when you have company for $4.98.

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