Possmann Rosè Black Currant Cider Now on Draft at Willow Tree Cafe

***Attention New BEER Cider Alert***

For the first time in Willow Tree history we now have a cider on draft. Possmann Pure Rose Cider is a hard apple cider from Frankfurt, Germany. Possmann Rose has a perfect balance of rich apple flavor mixed with black currant for a taste that is not too sweet with a clean, dry finish. It’s the perfect compliment to our beer lineup and is 100% Gluten Free. Make sure you try a glass next time you are in town. Prost!

Can’t go to the Willow Tree without having a beer? Try Cider mixed with kostritzer schwarzbier it balances out the sweetness and ads a slight chocolate flavor.

Don’t forget Possmann Cider is also available in bottles at Magnolia Square Market.

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